9th GOAL Partner Conference @ Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu between the 22nd to 25th of November, 2018.



9th GOAL Partner Conference @ Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu between the 22nd to 25th of November, 2018.

9th Goal Partner Conference was held already on November 22-25,2018 at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu, the Queen City of Philippines by Mr.Wichien Rungpanya, Goal President cooperated with Ms.Kalra C. SIilva, General Manager of Rapid Inc, Philippines, Host Country. The Conference atmosphere was full of friendship and family styles as same as signature of Goal Conference.

By the way, the committee also realize that in the complicated business world today has been moving and changing rapidly due to new innovative technologies invented and we are unable to deny those new technologies made the whole world awaken of changes in our daily life which significantly effected to all industries no exception to our Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry where we’re standing now. Therefore, myself and team has been attending several seminars & exhibitions for the past 2 years as to observe and explore new innovative technology in relevant to E-commerce, E-payment etc. and discovered some potential application masters in the market place for these products which might enable to adapted and transformed our normal typical business module into the new logistics transformation operator whereas those Global players are all directing far ahead versus small and medium sizes like us. In this occasion, we have been inviting some special guests to join our event today as for them to give some presentation of their new invented technologies products which might be able to support our freight forwarding and logistics business and feel free to have more discussion and supporting with all GOAL brothers, sisters & friends afterwards. It’s been also an honour that we have had more new friends joining this event this year through the joint efforts by Ms. Karla of Rapid Inc., and the committee which will make this event another successful chapter of GOAL after the event curtain sealed next day.

Two and a half year since 8th Goal Conference until this time which is quite long time for us that we did not have officially meet up with all of Goal Family, so this conference was good occasion for sharing both in business issue and spending time for relaxing together with friend at the wonderful place in Cebu. Nonetheless, we had perfectly welcomed from host team that made our feeling different from other time in Philippines and surely this is the Signature of Goal Conference.

Last but not least, on behalf of GOAL committee we do wish everyone will be enjoying ourselves as an exceptional days, surrounding yourself with warmest friendship and business opportunity chatting & gathering, having a magical day and night with happiness you all deserve during this event, after you all have been working so hard throughout the year. Anything you may need our attention and assistance, our crews members are all ready to promptly attend and supporting you as to make this trip at your most comfort and fond on good memories. Thank you.

 See you next year in Japan!